January 29, 2015

ColoredImage in JungleControls

Designers like shades of gray as well as various highlight colors. But you have only one monochromatic icon, so what do you do? There's this nice OpacityMask trick in WPF that will do the job, but it's a lot of code. I wrapped it up for you in ColoredImage WPF control that is part of my opensource JungleControls library.

January 1, 2015

Anchor WPF Popup exactly where you need it with PrecisePopup

Popup in WPF of course allows you to select one of the predefined locations relative to placement target. The trouble begins when your placement target is close to the edge of the screen. If the popup doesn't fit in the screen when positioned as specified, Popup control will automatically move it to ensure the whole popup is visible. This is okay for usual rectangular popups, but it's a headache for authors of "eared" or balloon popups that have tabpage-like ear or pointed anchor. PrecisePopup, part of my opensource JungleControls library, is designed to handle these scenarios.

Server-side RIA framework

Web page reloads are so retro, so 90's. While acceptable for content, they are serious hindrance for apps. Especially when you are trying to migrate users from desktop apps or compete with new smartphone apps. RIA (rich internet application) comes to the rescue. Partially so. It can indeed deliver interactivity of native apps, but it comes at the cost of low productivity and all that javascript results in poor performance on low-end devices.