July 7, 2014

PropertySheet in JungleControls

PropertySheet control from JungleControls library represents a list of name-value pairs arranged vertically with headers on the left and values (usually read-only) on the right. It's designed to replace Grid for simple property sheets.

Sample XAML code:
<jc:PropertySheet xmlns:jc="clr-namespace:JungleControls;assembly=JungleControls">
    <TextBlock jc:PropertySheet.Header="Label 1:" Text="Content 1" />
    <TextBlock jc:PropertySheet.Header="Label 2:" Text="Content 2" />

  • Items - This is an implicit property where all the items inside of the PropertySheet are placed.
  • Header - Attached property that is added to PropertySheet items to give them some header. It's usually text, but you can use any object in combination with HeaderTemplate.
  • HeaderTemplate - Allows unlimited styling of the Header.
  • Header* - Various visual properties of the header.
  • Cell* - Various visual properties of the content area.

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