May 17, 2014

How to get rid of cable spaghetti on my table and in my apartment?

Enough is enough. The huge mesh of cables steals time when I need to clean up, yet somehow manages to trap enough dust to be always messy. It stands in the way all the time. It's so old-fashioned, anyway. I am now searching for true wireless nirvana.

The lowest energy cables are the easiest ones to remove. LAN cables are useless in households. Newer WiFi systems will go up to 1Gbps.

I am still left with Internet cable leading up to my apartment. I am dealing with this by terminating the cable at the entrance with a WiFi. WiFi doesn't need to be in the middle of the apartment to work well.

Cellular networks might one day install their radio stations densely enough to completely eliminate the need for fixed lines. The point is that dense cellular network is equivalent to the current WiFi model except it provides opportunities for fair resource sharing and easier setup / universal service.

Headphones, mouse, and keyboard will happily run off batteries and communicate through Bluetooth. That means I will have to swap batteries regularly and/or use chargers, but it's much easier and cleaner than dealing with all those cables.

Since I am in the middle of reconstructing my apartment, I can afford to rewire electric and data networks. I am opting for a system that allows me to embed power and data cables in an invisible layer on the wall. I can therefore also fairly easily install devices wherever I want.

Denser grid of power outlets alone reduces the number and length of extension cords. Two sockets per outlet positioned at an angle against each other can be used simultaneously by modern cables designed to line up with the wall.

I could theoretically hang monitors on the wall and supply them directly with power, but I am not going that far at the moment. I need some flexibility in this. It's an option I will consider later.

Chargers are fortunately becoming standardized in recent years. Single standard USB charger can be used to charge several devices one by one. Power adapters for notebooks are also going to be standardized, I hear. These new chargers are also smart enough to waste minimum power when left plugged in and unloaded.

One thing I have recently eliminated is external disk. I am now a big fan of cloud storage. I still have one external disk left, but I won't keep it for long.

I don't watch TV. It's antiquated just like fixed telephone. Video on demand is the way to go. Perhaps with Internet TVs similar to Internet radios. No need to mess with the old cable TV infrastructure or bringing terrestrial antenna cable into all the rooms.

Video cable is indispensable at the moment. WiDi has too many disadvantages. Nevertheless, I think that video signals will one day go wireless.

Some cables are unavoidable though. Some devices need a lot of power. Even the battery-powered ones need charger time to time. I am going to deal with these by cleaning them up. A little hole in the table and a cable binder go a long way towards keeping my setup clean and maintainable.

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